Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dream Diary: Letting the Past Die

      Okay, so this dream is going to be kind of sad. But, I'm writing it down but it's also very interesting.

      I'm walking down a road, it's a highway, and it's very dark. I look to the middle of the road and I see this baby trying to crawl but can't. I start to run towards it but I'm to late as a car runs it over with one of the wheels.
      I pick up the baby and it's not dead. Next thing I know, I'm in the middle of a city town road in Japan still with the baby. One with no cars, just people walking from store to store. I tried to ask people where a hospital is but no one would help or knew English.
      A blond girl did help, though she didn't know a hospital, she did pop the babies feet back into place. Then, I woke up.

The dream freaked me out until I looked up an interpretation of dying baby.
"When you dream of a baby dying this is probably occurring because you are turning over a new leaf in life."
"This is likely what is occurring for you too. Are you switching jobs, switching majors in school, perhaps moving, or losing old friends? This could be what this symbolizes."
"On the slightly more depressing side of interpretation it is also entirely possible that you are dreaming of a dying baby because you see the childlike qualities within yourself moving on to more adult like ones. For some people this can be a good thing. Many people do not want to associate with their more childlike qualities once they reach a certain age."

I started to feel better after reading this cause I was able to better see what my dream was about.

  • Today, I'm starting a new job.
  • I noticed after reading this and remembering the baby's face that it was baby me (I can tell from pictures).
  • So, pretty much the dream means to let myself age and progress in life. Let the past die.
Fun Fact btw: The baby couldn't crawl because I never crawled as a baby.




Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Does lighter eyebrows made you look older?

      It's commonly known that when you get older, you're eyebrows get lighter. So, basically, the darker your eyebrows are, the younger you look. this would explain why people always think I'm very young looking in the face. So, I decided to light one of my eyebrows to see if I look older! :D
One light, on dark.. awkward. I'm ready for Walmart! (night gown included)

Instead of just showing you a picture of my normal eyebrows, I give you this creepy ass symmetrical me. ENJOY!

You know what, I do this I look a bit older. Not that much older cause I have a pug nose and round face so I'm still baby looking lol.
Since I don't care what people think of me and to show my face does actually have flaws.. this is the unphotoshopped picture. Yes I have deep deep panda eyes.
 What do you think? Does it make me look older?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Poem: Speak No Evil Again

Catching fireflies in my mouth
They slither in and choke me out
I just wanted all to see
my changing for the better ways
But, instead they wish me dead
Ball in my throat, they will stay
No love speak, no farewells
I don't even get a goodbye
They care not
Down my face they will rot
and I don't even know why
It won't force my cries
I'll live this life
Knock down every strife
Even if my voice dies

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Upcoming book: A Pop Star Unicorn?

      It's going to be a long long while until my current book, Something's Odd, is finished. But.. I already know what I'm writing after it. I can't tell you everything right now because it's still being figured out in my head, but it's going to be a beautiful drama. About a girl named Tamie that is tired of her life. She undergoes extreme surgery to become Trixee.. a Unicorn Pop Star only to find out she can't fully escape reality.
      I know, it sounds weird. But, it will be much much weirder once I finish my current book ^_^. I do not have a name for this one yet, but here's the cover concept!

The right is the cover and the left is.. well me! As you can see, I am the master of Japanese photoshop!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Dream Diary: A Chase into the Strange

WARNING: This dream gets very very weird!

      It starts of with me and my brother Tim in a car, I'm driving, and we're stuck in traffic. I get a strange feeling that there's a car a couple ones down that is following us. So, when we start to move again, me and Tim go into the first public place we see.
      We get in and it looks like a Waffle House. Suddenly it's not just me and my brother, but the two people that were following us sitting in front of us at the table. I can't quite hear what we're talking about, but it looks bad. I try to find my cell phone and can't. My brother calls it, and it's in the girl's purse. I make her give it back to me and we leave quickly.
      Then out of no where. I'm walking of the side of a long road into the woods by myself. I can feel that I'm going to find Tim as I'm lead to a field and three single, very beautiful, huge trees were there. Then I blink, and I'm no longer in the woods anymore.
      I'm standing at a dock looking at the dark water (though it's day time). I hope I explain this part right. These giant statues as big as the Statue of Liberty slowly start coming at out the water. Ones an octopus, a cat, and one looks like Salazar Slytherin's statue in Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

      I go inside of the cat statue somehow. I'm in a room, looks like a waiting room. There's two guys and two girls there. One of the guys is creepy and keeps trying to touch me. I excuse myself to the bathroom and facetime my brother. I tell Tim I'm here and he says "Where? I don't see you." I show him the bathroom. He says "I don't know where you are." I say "I walked through the woods like you texted me to do, found the statues, and went inside the cat."
      Tim says "What? I told you to come to Jessica's (my sister) house. Where are-" Then it cut off. Scared, I go back into the waiting room and no one is there. I look around and it's very much darker than it was before I went into the bathroom. Suddenly, I feel something behind me.. I wake up.


  • I have strange dreams, but not many as detailed as that
  • Obviously I love Harry Potter, so that statue was obviously because the water and everything in the movie and the water in my dream. Looked the same.
  • I don't own a cell phone at all. So, having one my whole dream and using it was weird.
  • I don't have a car either.
  • Never had my brother in a dream not as a kid before.
  • I was actually me, the age I am now. Never had in a dream.
  • Normally I can tell what my dreams are about. This one is so different.. I don't know at all.