Sunday, July 13, 2014

Finding The Joker AKA My Puddin

Lately, I've been really into Batman. And when I like something, I kind of fall deep into it so I made a Harley Quinn jester hat and mask (cause I'm epic). I decided to go on omegle, a flash webcam site, to search for Mr J cause I can't find him ^_^ This is what happened.

At first, Harley met a really cute guy. But, she had to move on cause he wasn't Mr J.
This guy didn't even know who I was but wanted my doom. People can be so mean! XD

They knew where J Man was and didn't tell me! and I thought I was evil!

These young girls were cool. They were jealous of my hat XD

I found ANOTHER HOT VILLAIN!! But, not my J Man so I had to let him go.

This dude thought he could get all up in my love life. If you knew he was abusing me, why didn't you help meany poo pants?

This one asked dumb questions ^_^

Dat face tho

Pff he wishes

I FOUND B MAN! He's just hanging around!

And then much to my surprise I FOUND MR J!!!!! He wasn't happy I lost him XD

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