Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi I'm Harley Quinn! Omegle Reactions

It's a smelly foot villain!!

I'm not a person to be mean put why is she giving me that face and not the girl next to her with the weird forehead?

Star Wars? Really dude?

He was very nice ^_^

Wearing a Batman shirt and don't know who da hecks I am?

Jesters are supposed to make you happy dude, not sad!

I saw alot of little kids on here. That makes me sad actually.

Shirtless hearts? I'll take them lol

Sorry little girl, but with a face like that you might want to consider being a 'geek'. Looks ain't going to get you by!

I'm convinced she saw pure epicness and it stunned her!

This guy was super nercy fun XD

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