Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dream Diary: Letting the Past Die

      Okay, so this dream is going to be kind of sad. But, I'm writing it down but it's also very interesting.

      I'm walking down a road, it's a highway, and it's very dark. I look to the middle of the road and I see this baby trying to crawl but can't. I start to run towards it but I'm to late as a car runs it over with one of the wheels.
      I pick up the baby and it's not dead. Next thing I know, I'm in the middle of a city town road in Japan still with the baby. One with no cars, just people walking from store to store. I tried to ask people where a hospital is but no one would help or knew English.
      A blond girl did help, though she didn't know a hospital, she did pop the babies feet back into place. Then, I woke up.

The dream freaked me out until I looked up an interpretation of dying baby.
"When you dream of a baby dying this is probably occurring because you are turning over a new leaf in life."
"This is likely what is occurring for you too. Are you switching jobs, switching majors in school, perhaps moving, or losing old friends? This could be what this symbolizes."
"On the slightly more depressing side of interpretation it is also entirely possible that you are dreaming of a dying baby because you see the childlike qualities within yourself moving on to more adult like ones. For some people this can be a good thing. Many people do not want to associate with their more childlike qualities once they reach a certain age."

I started to feel better after reading this cause I was able to better see what my dream was about.

  • Today, I'm starting a new job.
  • I noticed after reading this and remembering the baby's face that it was baby me (I can tell from pictures).
  • So, pretty much the dream means to let myself age and progress in life. Let the past die.
Fun Fact btw: The baby couldn't crawl because I never crawled as a baby.




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