Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Does lighter eyebrows made you look older?

      It's commonly known that when you get older, you're eyebrows get lighter. So, basically, the darker your eyebrows are, the younger you look. this would explain why people always think I'm very young looking in the face. So, I decided to light one of my eyebrows to see if I look older! :D
One light, on dark.. awkward. I'm ready for Walmart! (night gown included)

Instead of just showing you a picture of my normal eyebrows, I give you this creepy ass symmetrical me. ENJOY!

You know what, I do this I look a bit older. Not that much older cause I have a pug nose and round face so I'm still baby looking lol.
Since I don't care what people think of me and to show my face does actually have flaws.. this is the unphotoshopped picture. Yes I have deep deep panda eyes.
 What do you think? Does it make me look older?

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