Monday, September 1, 2014

Dream Diary: A Chase into the Strange

WARNING: This dream gets very very weird!

      It starts of with me and my brother Tim in a car, I'm driving, and we're stuck in traffic. I get a strange feeling that there's a car a couple ones down that is following us. So, when we start to move again, me and Tim go into the first public place we see.
      We get in and it looks like a Waffle House. Suddenly it's not just me and my brother, but the two people that were following us sitting in front of us at the table. I can't quite hear what we're talking about, but it looks bad. I try to find my cell phone and can't. My brother calls it, and it's in the girl's purse. I make her give it back to me and we leave quickly.
      Then out of no where. I'm walking of the side of a long road into the woods by myself. I can feel that I'm going to find Tim as I'm lead to a field and three single, very beautiful, huge trees were there. Then I blink, and I'm no longer in the woods anymore.
      I'm standing at a dock looking at the dark water (though it's day time). I hope I explain this part right. These giant statues as big as the Statue of Liberty slowly start coming at out the water. Ones an octopus, a cat, and one looks like Salazar Slytherin's statue in Harry potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

      I go inside of the cat statue somehow. I'm in a room, looks like a waiting room. There's two guys and two girls there. One of the guys is creepy and keeps trying to touch me. I excuse myself to the bathroom and facetime my brother. I tell Tim I'm here and he says "Where? I don't see you." I show him the bathroom. He says "I don't know where you are." I say "I walked through the woods like you texted me to do, found the statues, and went inside the cat."
      Tim says "What? I told you to come to Jessica's (my sister) house. Where are-" Then it cut off. Scared, I go back into the waiting room and no one is there. I look around and it's very much darker than it was before I went into the bathroom. Suddenly, I feel something behind me.. I wake up.


  • I have strange dreams, but not many as detailed as that
  • Obviously I love Harry Potter, so that statue was obviously because the water and everything in the movie and the water in my dream. Looked the same.
  • I don't own a cell phone at all. So, having one my whole dream and using it was weird.
  • I don't have a car either.
  • Never had my brother in a dream not as a kid before.
  • I was actually me, the age I am now. Never had in a dream.
  • Normally I can tell what my dreams are about. This one is so different.. I don't know at all.

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